The Bicycle Men

Following hit runs in London, L.A., Chicago, and Denver!

This bawdy, award-winning, musical comedy tells the story of Steve, a hapless American cyclist whose bike breaks down in a small French village. There, he encounters a bizarre assortment of twisted locals as he waits for his bike to be fixed. The Tour de France is child’s play compared to the tempest of lunacy that unfolds. Part Monty Python, part Second City, The Bicycle Men will take you on a ride you won’t forget.

What the Press has said:

“Put down that Prozac and cancel your vacation. Nothing could possibly lift your spirits as quickly as The Bicycle Men a gleefully funny exercise in Francophobia…this proudly silly comedy has as many guilty laughs as any show in town.” ─ New York Times

“The Bicycle Men: Liberty, equality, hilarity… With influences from Monty Python to Marcel Marceau, and from French chanson to the theatre of the absurd, The Bicycle Men comes over like a delirious bad dream caused by too much onion soup and cheap red plonk. There were many moments when it reduced me to helpless hilarity.” –Daily Telegraph (U.K.)