What do the Critics have to say about The Bicycle Men?

Winner “Excellence in Overall Production” at The New York Fringe Festival.

Put down that Prozac and cancel your vacation. Nothing could possibly lift your spirits as quickly as “The Bicycle Men,” a gleefully funny exercise in Francophobia…this proudly silly comedy has as many guilty laughs as any show in town.” ─ New York Times

The Bicycle Men: Liberty, equality, hilarity…” “With influences from Monty Python to Marcel Marceau, and from French chanson to the theatre of the absurd, The Bicycle Men comes over like a delirious bad dream caused by too much onion soup and cheap red plonk. There were many moments when it reduced me to helpless hilarity.” ─ London Daily Telegraph

“…whacked-out characters, full-blown musical numbers, hysterical one-liners and dark comedy with a positively Beckettian appreciation for pain, [The Bicycle Men] is the single funniest little show to come anywhere near Chicago this year. Period. For those with a taste for offbeat comedy with a twisted soul, it’s absolutely not to be missed.” ─ Chicago Tribune

Four fabulous actors with commanding pipes strut and cavort like the Marx Brothers doing Theater of the Absurd on steroids!” ─ L.A. Weekly

4-Stars!” ─ The Times of London

“For a show filled with so many laughs, it’s a darkly surreal and nihilistic vision of the world and humanity.” ─ Father Patrick Dorn (fatherpatrickdorn.com)

“…unapologetically nonsensical.” ─ L.A. Times

“Highly recommended…One of the funniest, looniest shows to pass through town…a perfect bijou — a meticulously scripted and scored musical farce…strange, smart, and surreal.” ─ Chicago Sun-Times

“These boys will do anything for a laugh, and they get lots.” ─ The Denver Examiner

Pure delicacy, pure delight, pure undiluted madness. I can’t think back to this show without breaking into fits of laughter…should really be obligatory viewing everywhere from Bruxelles to DC., – but it is such an exquisitely funny and well-timed feel good piece that it literally caters for every possible cultural taste around.” ─ Stage (online)



The funniest show I’ve ever seen. It’s perfect.” ─ Jim Belushi

Brilliant and funny.” ─ Steve Martin

I find myself quoting lines from The Bicycle Men and I want to see them again, and that, to me is the sign of a great show.” ─ Fred Willard

A sophisticated evening of elegant whit and tuneful delights. I pooped my pants.” ─ George Wendt*

*(Mr. Wendt will only consent to the use of his name and his quote if quote is presented in its entirety, unedited)